Harriet Segal


In the first week of July, a cablegram arrived at the office of the Department of Maternal and Child Health, San Martin University Hospital, Lima. It was addressed to Dr. Nicole Légende and it was marked "Priority."

You are invited to become a member of the International Health Task Force (IHTF). First meeting scheduled 10 - 14 September 1973, United Nations Headquarters, New York. Please cable acceptance Henry Campion, Chairman, IHTF-CAMP, New York soonest possible. Travel documents and information will follow.

It was difficult to fall asleep that night. She had a sense of both anticipation and apprehension. Change always does this to me, she thought. For she had no doubt that this was the beginning of a new chapter in her life.

Selected Works

Harriet Segal's new novel, is published as an eBook. It is a tale of international intrigue and danger, espionage and heroism…and undying love. Set in World War II Europe, its main characters are involved in the OSS and the Austrian Resistance.
A river can tell many tales...of New World dreams and Old World traditions, of forbidden passion and imperishable love.
The love story of two doctors who work on the World Health Organization campaign to eliminate smallpox.
The story of two beautiful Southern women bound by ties of blood and jealousy...and love for the same man.
Torrid affairs, crumbling marriages, and scandalous legal wranglings threaten to tear a family apart.

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