Harriet Segal


Julia Rhinehart, the widow of a famous Broadway composer, must confront her buried past. A mystery lies at the heart of this "wondrously woven tale, full of engaging characters," when a portfolio of the songwriter's unpublished scores disappears after his death.

Julia's family comes together in New York for a 75th Birthday Salute to the composer, whose work is enjoying a resurgence on Broadway. It is a time of trial for this indomitable matriarch, whose life is a testament to the endurance of the human spirit.

"A great sense of place and time. I am sure it will give a lot of people a great deal of enjoyment."
--Rosamunde Pilcher, bestselling author of The Shellseekers

"This romantic, acutely observed novel is Harriet Segal's very best... THE SKYLARK'S SONG gets the sound of America just right: Gershwin's Broadway, corporate finance, gulf coast club houses, California ashrams, modern art, the sounds of people falling in and out of love... a solid achievement of story-telling."
--Gerald Weissmann, author of They All Laughed at Christopher Columbus and other collections

Selected Works

Harriet Segal's new novel, is published as an eBook. It is a tale of international intrigue and danger, espionage and heroism…and undying love. Set in World War II Europe, its main characters are involved in the OSS and the Austrian Resistance.
A river can tell many tales...of New World dreams and Old World traditions, of forbidden passion and imperishable love.
The love story of two doctors who work on the World Health Organization campaign to eliminate smallpox.
The story of two beautiful Southern women bound by ties of blood and jealousy...and love for the same man.
Torrid affairs, crumbling marriages, and scandalous legal wranglings threaten to tear a family apart.

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