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Spanning the years of the Great Depression and World War II, this saga of a Southern Jewish family moves from New York to Paris, from Monte Carlo to London, but always it returns to its main setting, the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

The story of two Southern women, cousins, who are closer than sisters, it is about Lauren...beautiful and talented, who longs for something beyond her sheltered upbringing. She succeeds in finding it, only to nearly lose it in a cruel betrayal. It is about Charlotte Lee...madcap, enchanting, touched with grace and good fortune. She has everything, except the one thing that she most wants.

Lauren and Charlee...for all of their lives, they have been there for each other. But hadn't the seeds of jealousy always been there, too? And wasn't it inevitable that, given a particular man and the right conditions, those seeds would take root?

SHADOW MOUNTAIN is a compelling tale of the American South and two women's journeys of self discovery.

Raves for Harriet Segal's SHADOW MOUNTAIN:

"Breathtaking... The season's page turner."--Winter Haven News Chief

"Consistently good...Segal neatly hooks the reader in the beginning and keeps the line taut throughout the book." --Indianapolis Star

"Reminiscent of Cynthia Freeman...Recommended." --Library Journal

"Segal is a superb storyteller who succeeds in holding her readers glued to the page." --West Coast Review of Books

"With summer coming, this novel is sure to be seen on many a patio or beach." --Booklist