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Sweeping from the hallowed halls of Oxford to the gilded drawing rooms of Austrian aristocracy to the snow-covered peaks of the Swiss Alps, this compelling story explores complicated emotions when love and loyalty are in conflict. Written with her sure understanding of the frailties of the heart and her experience of the world, Harriet Segal has once again woven a wondrous tale filled with memorable characters, startling plot twists, and passionate love.


To the shores of Pennsylvania's Susquehanna River in the 19th century swept a wave of immigrants. They came to mine anthracite coal. From Ireland, Germany, Russia and Eastern Europe they came. They all had a story to tell. This is one of those stories.


Nicole LĂ©gende, a brilliant doctor from Peru, becomes the first woman member of an international health task force. When she is assigned to work in rural India with American, Dr. Drew Tower, the two fall deeply in love. CATCH THE WIND is a poignant and memorable tale of determination and destiny.


Spanning the years of the Great Depression and World War II, this saga of a Southern Jewish family moves from New York to Paris, from Monte Carlo to London, but always it returns to its main setting, the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.


A rich and tumultuous modern tale about the matriarch of a family in conflict, by one of the most talented and mature voices in American fiction. It dances to the beat of Broadway musicals, basks in the Florida sun, inhabits the world of the movers and shakers, of Wall Street lawyers and financiers.