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Julia Rhinehart, the widow of a famous Broadway composer, must confront her buried past. A mystery lies at the heart of this "wondrously woven tale, full of engaging characters," when a portfolio of the songwriter's unpublished scores disappears after his death.

Julia's family comes together in New York for a 75th Birthday Salute to the composer, whose work is enjoying a resurgence on Broadway. It is a time of trial for this indomitable matriarch, whose life is a testament to the endurance of the human spirit.

"A great sense of place and time. I am sure it will give a lot of people a great deal of enjoyment."

--Rosamunde Pilcher, bestselling author of The Shellseekers

"This romantic, acutely observed novel is Harriet Segal's very best... THE SKYLARK'S SONG gets the sound of America just right: Gershwin's Broadway, corporate finance, gulf coast club houses, California ashrams, modern art, the sounds of people falling in and out of love... a solid achievement of story-telling."
--Gerald Weissmann, author of They All Laughed at Christopher Columbus and other collections